Our Unique Pets And Their Unique Stories

By Dr. Suzanne Bird

With a last name like Bird, you’d think I might be the proud owner of a parrot, or some other cute and colourful feathery friend…

Well … the name doesn’t match the pet this time around!


Meet Otto and Henry … Otto is our three-year-old cockapoo and Henry is our labradoodle puppy.

Since the second grade, I grew up around dogs (cockapoo, cocker spaniel, Pomeranian).

Otto needed a unique name because he’s a unique dog! He’s spotted like a cow and lays like a frog. Pretty funky, right?! He’s obsessed with finding and burying socks … and chasing lizards! He can’t get enough of hanging out on your lap and is so affectionate with everyone. I love taking Otto for walks around the neighborhood – he’s always friendly to everyone we meet.

A cockapoo is a mix between the American or English cocker spaniel and a poodle. They tend to have long lifespans – usually 14-18 years. They don’t shed, enjoy being active, and are skilled at playing retrieving games.

In the spring of 2018, my husband and I attended a local Gala benefiting a cleft lip and palate foundation. Up for live auction was a labradoodle puppy who, at the time, looked like Otto’s twin except for dark brown spots instead of black. I HAD to have him!! My husband outbid everyone, and Henry came home with us that night! Otto’s still warming up to the idea of having a brother.

Stay tuned for future updates on our loveable fur babies!