Wisdom Teeth Jacksonville Fl

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Wisdom teeth Jacksonville FL

What you should expect when removing your wisdom teeth

Your dentist will recommend that you remove your wisdom teeth. He will then refer you to an oral surgeon who can do the operation in his office. The recovery time for this operation should not take longer than a few days, after that you can carry on with your normal routine.

Problems that can occur because of wisdom teeth
If you still have your wisdom teeth in your mouth you may be experiencing pain caused by your molars. When the wisdom teeth comes out it can be very painful. Most people do not know how to recognise this pain here some things to look out for.

1. You will feel the pain at the back of your mouth behind your molars.

2. When looking in the mirror you may notice that your wisdom teeth are poking through your gums.

3. The area surrounding your wisdom teeth maybe red and uncomfortable when touching it.

4. However, many people don’t have any signs of wisdom teeth coming out or that they are there.

What causes the pain you feel from wisdom teeth
There are a multitude of reasons why you will experience wisdom teeth pain. It may be that your wisdom teeth have come in crooked and this means that is does not fit properly in your mouth, and this has resulted in an affection around your teeth. No matter the extent of the pain wisdom teeth can affect your overall oral health, so it is best to get it checked out immediately.

Wisdom teeth pain can occur overnight without any warning. However, the wisdom tooth pain can occur gradually over a longer period of time, and be mistaken for something totally different.

Remedies for wisdom tooth pain
Here are some things to look out for before you visit the dentist and you would like to try some home remedies to counter the pain. You get over the counter prescription to fight these pain if your scheduled appointment at the dentist is still a long time away. Another effective remedy is washing your mouth out with salt. This will eliminate any harmful bacteria that might still be in your mouth and this too can cause pain.

A surprising remedy is alcohol, when you feel your wisdom teeth are starting to come out you can rub the alcohol on your gums to relieve pain. One of the old remedies involve using ginger and garlic in a paste. You mix the two together and create a paste and apply this to the gum line it will help in combating infections and bleeding gums.

One thing is certain when your wisdom teeth finally make their appearance it can be an unpleasant feeling. The pain as a result of this can be very painful. If you use the right remedies you can counter the pain considerably, but this is not a cure. At the end of the day, the best option will be to remove your wisdom teeth. We have the best dentist to the job perfectly, and in a couple of days you will have your smile back and pain free.

Wisdom Teeth Jacksonville Fl