Family Time Is My Favorite Time

By Dr. Suzanne Bird

I feel like I’m part of three families – my dental team, my patients, and my own! And all three positive relationships greatly enhance my life in different ways. The journey just wouldn’t be the same without you by my side!

In this blog, I’m going to give you a peek into my family life.

I’m married to my loving husband, Jake Betts. We met at our church’s Mardi Gras party. We have five incredible children: Jacob (23), Emily and Marilyn (both are 14), Rosemary (12), and Renee (10). Three are adopted from the Philippines. All our kids are active and imaginative.

Jacob is a graduate of Marvin Ridge High School and East Carolina University. The rest of our kids go to Marvin Ridge schools too and I’m really happy that Braces By Bird is able to sponsor them!

Although it sounds cliché, each moment we spend together is truly special. I’m sure you understand as it’s the same with you and your family!

We have a ball at the beach, boating, and traveling. We celebrate every holiday … and that means “pumpkin spice” anything! Actually, all holiday-themed foods make our bellies happy. Our photo album of memories keeps on growing!

I’m also lucky to have fun with them … I like watching Emily play soccer, doing art projects with Marilyn, and playing games with Renee and Rosemary! Jacob is “all grown up,” and we enjoy valuable mother and son time whenever we can.

There’s nothing like watching your little ones develop into young adults. It’s breathtaking (and a little scary!), but being able to influence and guide them along the way is something I treasure. I’m still hoping one of them decides to be a dentist!

As you can tell, family is very important to us.

In my next blog … you’ll get to meet our furry friends, Otto and Henry!