Early Orthodontic Treatment

A perfect smile is a sign of health and good oral hygiene, and it is the result of early orthodontic treatment. Bring your little ones to our office, at Braces by Bird, and our expert will help them develop the most charming smile in the world!

What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

The dentist deals with problems concerning the gum, teeth, jaw, and nerves, while orthodontists handle issues related to aesthetics, mostly, including occlusion, bad bite, misalignment, etc. However, it’s not all about the looks. Both occlusion and teeth misalignment can cause pain, as well as functionality issues, affecting the mastication process or speech capabilities.

If your child has any teeth-related problems that may require orthodontic treatment, you should contact our specialist immediately. Ideally, you should address orthodontic issues at an earlier age, when teeth development is still in full process.

Is early orthodontic treatment necessary?

Yes, it is, as the benefits can be outstanding. We recommend early orthodontic evaluations for children as young as seven, during their first adult molars eruption. This is the age where the expert will get the clearest indicators on how your child’s bite and overall teeth aesthetics will look like. Early treatment will also allow for an easier and swifter correction of essential dental problems that, when left untreated, may impact their adult life significantly.

If your child is close to the age of seven, we invite you to our dental office as soon as possible. Dr. Bird will perform an extensive screening, allowing her to decide if your child needs early orthodontic treatment.

When to treat malocclusion?

Ideally, you should address the problem as soon as possible. We focus on children orthodontics treatment for two reasons:

  1. We can identify and address the issues before they advance too much
  2. The results are faster since we’re treating the problem in incipient stages

Left unchecked, malocclusion comes with a variety of side-effects, including headaches and a speech impediment. Most of the time, however, it is only a problem of cosmetics, but not one that you can take lightly. Depending on the nature of the dental problem, whether it’s crooked teeth, misalignment, crowded teeth, etc., malocclusion can cause self-esteem issues over time.

Plus, crowded teeth, for instance, are more difficult to clean, which may favor bacterial growth and tooth decay with time. This is why we advise you to take early action and bring your kid for screening as soon as possible.

What procedures help treat malocclusion?

Depending on the nature of the condition, our expert may recommend different forms of treatment, including braces, baby teeth removal, or even jaw surgery for the more complicated cases. Early orthodontic treatment comes with several benefits, including faster recovery and faster benefits. For most child orthodontic treatments, two years is the standard duration, while for adults the timeframe can expand significantly.

Bring your child to Braces by Bird, and have our expert walk them through the screening process. Give your kid a reason to smile every day!

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