Dr. Bird’s Entertainment List

By Dr. Suzanne Bird

Between helping patients, learning and spending time with family (and dogs Otto and Henry!), there isn’t a whole lot of free ti­me in my busy schedule. However, when I find it, I squeeze in some (unconventional) reading, watching films, and live entertainment.

My top picks and my musical tastes? My favorite movie is Rio. This 3D computer-animated adventure-comedy was made in 2011 by the creators of Ice Age. (If you have little ones, I’m sure you remember this one!) Set in Rio de Janeiro, it features the voices of several Hollywood stars who tell the story of Blu, a little blue macaw (like “Flossie,” the bird in our logo!), that falls in love with a female macaw named Jewel. Together they must get away from Nigel, a cockatoo that wants to smuggle them.

Why do I give it two thumbs up? It’s all comes down to the parade scene, when Túlio’s dentist sends an important message: “Don’t forget to floss!” The dentist in me is always there!

I’m not your typical bookworm… Instead of escaping to a fictional world or getting into a series, I prefer (love) dental journals and textbooks. You heard correctly! Yes, I know I’m a bit obsessed … and it really doesn’t leave time for pleasure reading.

Elton John rocks! I can’t get enough of this legendary rock/pop icon. In fact, I’m such a big fan that I’ve seen him perform – not once, not twice, but THREE times! He’s an incredible artist and he loves cocker spaniels! Sadly, his own beloved furry companion, Arthur, passed away earlier this year at age 14. Just like Otto, Arthur was always there by his owner’s side – even serving as the Best Man at Elton’s civil partnership ceremony. May Arthur play forever on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

During your next visit … tell me about your favorite books, movies, and adventures! I’d love to get to know you better.