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Are you interested in learning about the benefits of Clarity™ braces? Charlotte, NC orthodontic practice Braces by Bird invites you to schedule a free new patient consultation to discover the unique advantages of Clarity.

If your dentist has informed you that you’re not a candidate for Invisalign treatment and you had hoped you could avoid the attention associated with metal braces, Clarity could be the perfect choice for you!

Why More Patients Prefer Clear Braces

Teens and adults alike prefer a clear option when considering braces to straighten teeth. After all, no one really has to know if you’re having your teeth straightened. But what if your orthodontist has determined Invisalign is not the best way to improve your smile?

Enter Clarity Braces!

Just like Invisalign®, Clarity braces are much less conspicuous than metal band and bracket braces. In fact, Clarity is merely a clear version of conventional brackets. The hard ceramic material won’t stain or become discolored over your treatment duration, so they’ll remain every bit as invisible as at the beginning of treatment.

Clarity is considered one of the most technologically advanced systems for straightening teeth. As a patient at Braces by Bird, you can experience every benefit of a straighter smile in as little treatment time as possible. We will ensure you’re as comfortable as can be during your smile transformation.

Aesthetic Advantages of Clarity

For many of our patients, the first question they ask our staff is whether Invisalign can straighten their teeth. We’re able to tell every patient, whether or not they are a candidate for Invisalign treatment, that there is an alternative nearly clear system available. Regardless of your orthodontic needs, we can fit you with clear braces that will not attract undue attention and cause stress during your treatment.

One More Reason To Smile

Choose Clarity Braces in Charlotte, NC for their ability to keep you from becoming the center of attention, but don’t overlook the bigger picture. Clarity ceramic braces can deliver exceptional results you'll love.

Additional Advantages Of Choosing Clarity Braces in Charlotte

Clarity’s small bracket design takes up less space on the front of teeth, so there is less irritation to sensitive tissue inside of your mouth. As well, the specialized ceramic material is more resistant to damage compared with other bracket materials. New Clarity brackets are designed with rounded corners to significantly improve your comfort level during treatment.

Our staff at Braces by Bird would love to provide additional information on Clarity braces in Charlotte, NC. Schedule a new-patient visit and take a tour of our beautiful facility to see why we are a trusted service provider in your community. We’ll make you feel like part of our family at Braces by Bird. Call today!

Clarity Braces Charlotte NC
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