Christian Drug Rehab

Article provided by: Zion Recovery Center

Most people fail to realize how intricate and devastating drug addiction can be. At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we have created one of the most effective Christian drug rehab programs available, allowing us to deal with the disease differently, compared to other centers.

Faith-based drug rehab

Many, otherwise, popular rehab facilities treat addiction like a curable disease; they provide detox services, stabilize your condition, give you some prevention advice, and send you home. Long-term, this strategy fails because the patients will quickly follow the same path. But why does that happen?

The reason is that, while they have received medical and psychiatric support, their real problems have remained intact. Many patients deal with internalized emotional or spiritual traumas, have family problems, or struggle with work-related stress and financial issues. There are always hidden issues that trigger this tendency towards self-destruction, pushing people to the edge. Our faith-based rehab program offers a solution by addressing the very roots of addiction.

How does rehab work?

The ideal rehabilitation program should focus on addiction’s impact on the patient’s state of mind and spirit. Many factors contribute not only to triggering addiction but causing you to relapse even years after completing the rehab treatment. Dealing with these factors is just as essential as it is addressing the patient’s mental and spiritual integrity.

At our center, we offer:

Inpatient intensive care – If your condition is more volatile, the inpatient program is perfect for you. It relies on a 12-Step approach, offering physical recovery, as well as mental, emotional, spiritual, and social support. Since it relies on 24/7 supervision, it is ideal for dealing with aggravated forms of addiction.

Outpatient treatment – Our Christian drug rehab relies on continuous care and support, even after graduating from our inpatient program. The 12-Step outpatient program consists of three approaches – PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), 12-IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), and GOP (General Outpatient Program). Each of these forms of treatment is designed to help you adopt a new lifestyle, one free of addiction, and unnecessary suffering.

Lifestyle advices and spiritual assistance – We promote Christian values as the foundation to any fulfilling, happy, and wholesome life. Your relationship with God will strengthen, as you will rediscover your life’s true meaning through the power of love, hope, and faith.

How to stay sober after rehab?

You can only do that by denouncing your old life and embracing your new one, under the guidance of your Heavenly Father. We believe that faith lies at the foundation of any moral lifestyle, one that promotes self-responsibility, confidence in yourself, and respect towards the people around you. To remain sober and remain on your newfound path, you must first discover who you are and what you want in life.

Our Christian drug rehab will allow you to dive into the depths of your own soul and heal your wounds through the power of faith and love. At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we offer hope, treatment, and spiritual support to those who have lost their path in life. Reach out to us, and reclaim your right to a free, happy, fulfilling life again!

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