Avoid These Treats To Protect Your Beautiful Braces This Holiday Season

The holiday season offers us an opportunity to enjoy quality time with friends and family. For many, a considerable amount of time is spent around the dinner table, at parties, and other festive gatherings.

At these functions, there are usually numerous opportunities to feast on delicious meals and snacks.

But if you are an adult or kid with braces, you’ll want to be careful about what you bite into. Here’s a checklist of the foot items we encourage you to stay away from during this time of year to protect your investment in your orthodontic transformation.

  1. Anything with nuts in it. Crunchy snacks can damage your braces.
  2. Candy cane sweets. While they taste good and look pretty, they can get stuck and even pull at the brackets, resulting in significant damage.
  3. Caramel apple pie. If you bite into this dessert, it could take off your bracket. Plus, it’s incredibly sticky so cleaning your teeth will be quite the chore.

Wondering what’s safe to eat? There are some alternatives you can eat if you find yourself with a sweet tooth during the most wonderful time of the year.  

These savory options include:

  • custard or cream pie
  • dark, white, or milk chocolate
  • puddings
  • chocolate cream sauce
  • cakes and cookies with nut extracts.

Cleaning Tips For Beautiful Braces

To keep your braces – and oral health – in optimal shape, we recommend you practice effective brushing and flossing techniques. If you need a refresher on either, just let us know and we’d be glad to provide a demonstration during your next visit to our office.

And when a dental emergency strikes… pick up the phone. If you or your child happen to bite into something that causes damage, give us a call right away. At Braces By Bird, our friendly team will offer helpful advice over the phone to prevent further damage and protect your mouth from a broke wire. Once you arrive at our office, we can repair the damage, so your beautiful braces continue to do their job. Visit our “Contact Us” page to reach us.

Yours in dental health,
Dr. Suzanne Bird, your orthodontist in Charlotte