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Orthodontics: strong, radiant smiles

When teeth and jaws don’t line up properly (malocclusion), dental problems may be more serious than you think. Your mouth is more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Your teeth can break more easily and are more likely to trap food particles.

You could have inherited the problem. You might have your mother’s small jaw and your father’s big teeth, resulting in little space to fit them all in. Thumb-sucking or mouth breathing can also cause misaligned teeth. Skeletal malocclusion, the most common type, is when one jaw has not grown properly to line up with the other jaw. Dental malocclusion describes the condition where individual teeth are crowded, out of line, or spread out. That’s where orthodontics comes in.

We’ll assess the nature and condition of your misaligned teeth and discuss the best orthodontic treatment for you or your child. Most procedures take 1-3 years, followed by a period of time when a retainer is worn to maintain your smile’s new position.

The result is properly aligned teeth that work together as they should. Because your smile is for a lifetime, treatment is a short period of time to invest to create strength and radiance.