Discover How 3M™ Clarity Aligners in Charlotte Can Change Your Smile

Available for adults and teens from 3M™, Clarity™ aligners are another option if you’re seeking a straight smile with the proper bite that supports your oral health. Best of all… you get straighter teeth on the down-low. It’s as discreet as it gets!

When it comes to adult orthodontic treatment in Charlotte, metal wires and rubber bands probably come to mind. But thanks to advancements in techniques and technology, there are far less noticeable options available to patients of all age groups. This state-of-the-art system gradually shifts teeth into place, so you get the brand-new smile you envision. It works not only to straighten teeth but close gaps and fix crowding.

The path to straighter teeth with Clarity Aligners in Charlotte

As your orthodontist in Charlotte, we’ll begin with a custom, digital treatment plan. You’ll see precisely how your teeth will change over time and the length of the process. This part is very reassuring and will ease any worries you may have about the changes that are to come. We know that everyone’s smile is unique and requires a personalized approach. This critical step enables us to plan your treatment with a predictable, reliable outcome.

A series of clear aligners are then manufactured and given to you. The average patient wears them 22 hours per day, but this may differ depending on your unique situation.

5 top benefits of using removable Clarity Aligners

  1. Maintain excellent hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth as you usually would. And before wearing your aligners, all you have to do is wash them off with water and a soft-bristled brush.
  2. Enjoy the foods you love. Just remove your clarity ceramic braces in Charlotte and eat! There’s nothing else to it.
  3. Clear Braces in Charlotte are custom-made for a comfortable, snug fit.
  4. Live life on your terms. You can take out your aligners to play sports, enjoy a pressure-free date, or go for a job interview. Just put them back in after!
  5. Protect teeth. They act as a barrier and prevent wear caused by tooth grinding.

And during treatment, you’re not on your own. We’ll monitor your progress from start to finish and advise when you should put on a new set of aligners. If you ever lose or break your aligners, have no fear. Just call us, your South Charlotte family orthodontist, right away.

The impact of having a straighter smile

A straight, shiny smile is in high demand for many reasons. About one-third of Americans notice a smile first before other facial features. And 24% say it’s the one facial aspect that stands out the most after meeting someone. An enhanced appearance is one significant benefit of orthodontic treatment – but it’s not the only one. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, and they can contribute to significant oral health issues in the future, including:

  • speech problems
  • difficulty chewing foods
  • reduced self-confidence
  • periodontal disease (due to inadequate oral hygiene).

Easily track your progress on your smartphone

With 3M’s Treatment Tracking App, you’re able to monitor your smile transformation conveniently and share it with others! It lets you take selfies, observe your progress in real-time, receive reminders, and more. Patients 13 years or older can download it on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

Get in touch with our team

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